A gstreamer player for the console.

example screenshot


  • plays any file format supported in gstreamer audio codecs
  • ncurses interface
  • gapless playback
  • easy file browser
  • built for fast handling of large directories and long play lists
    by being minimalist
  • can launch external programs or players as suits


Gstreamer, ncurses, glib, cmake, make, C compiler. Debian 7 on that distribution.

The source is written in Vala which is then made into C. Vala is not required, except for development.


Get the source: auditive-0.1.18.tar.gz (92kB) and compile it. Released under the GPL 3.

Click for changelog: changelog.txt.

This program had a previous name that conflicted somewhat with software from a bigger provider. Better to change it.

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List of controls.

Enter      open/start play
Space      pause/resume
Bkspc      stop/rewind
\          advance
|          previous
, .        back/forward 5 sec
[ ]        back/forward 60 sec
{ }        back/forward 10%
-          toggle auto-advance (>) or single play (-)
q          quit

Left       up a directory
Right      child directory
Up etc     navigate

Tab        cycle name-size-date view
Shift-Tab  sort in current view
;          most recent sort

F1         help / exit help
F2         filesystem view
F3         play list view
F4         external operations
1-4        alternative keys for F1-F4
`          debug screen
~          re-read configuration file

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