Graeme Sheppard, Wellington, New Zealand

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My Software

Here's a few code projects I keep maintained. This miscellaneous collection of bits will not usually be useful to average surfers but the curious developer may find something worthwhile.


My favourite artist would be Corey Hart. Go to my mini-site here to get snippets from all his albums.


pic of gameshot Have the 1994 video game Doom II?

Try out this level I made from scratch.

Download (38kB)

(Full game available on Steam)


These are web cartoon strips.

A daily portrayal of the daily lives of cubical technology workers in a not-so fictitious company. The author went on to write best selling books based on the strip, and books on other subjects.

Dust Puppy
As with the above except the company is an ISP making use of community software. As is just the same the setting includes animals and entities which can talk. Why is that?

This "Help Desk" is instead at a dominant software company. Featuring 'lame and repetitive' artwork and, once in a while, prescient insights.