Pieces of Code

A word of caution: these may contain old code, but are supported and I will gratefully accept any patches to improve them.

A console based program, squidview, nicely displays the log file of the squid caching proxy server.

A ncurses media player, auditive.

Use splinter for directing TCP connections.

For Firefox is link colour, a Greasemonkey script to revert web links to standard Internet colours. So we can tell where we have clicked before.

For Linux/Nvidia gamers gamepick will let you select image quality per game (C/GTK2). An older version programmed in Java is called gamechooser.

An off-shoot of gamepick is tabble, a light GTK2 shell to launch your favourite X applications without re-navigating a menu hierarchy.

My attempt at a rst packet generator for Open Solaris: sndrst

If you like 3D freedom, first person games and have an interest in space check out Solar Visitor. NB: runs on old OSes (XP vintage.)

Have an old Playstation 2? If you can jailbreak here's some files to run Linux.

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