tabble is a small alternative X shell which presents your programs in tabs for easy launch. It is not meant to replace a window manager, just complement it. Light window managers benefit the most from tabble. The idea is that tabble is 'always on top' so multiple launches can be made without re-navigating a menu hierarchy or clearing the desktop. Here it is in action (click to enlarge):


The above window, customized to your choices, appears at your decided position on screen, eg bottom left or as you see fit.

One of the reasons for tabble is that it can be started from within a chroot (32 bit inside 64 say). Other programs within the chroot can be easily spawned from this tabble.

KDE/GNOME could use this concept but there is still a case for a standalone program for those who switch between window managers - because only one configuration file needs maintaining and it can be shared.

The other goals of tabble are it to be small and fast. For these reasons it is written in C/GTK2. The code is published under the GNU GPL.

Click for the download: tabble-0.45.tar.gz (128kB, released September 2020)

A version of tabble specifically for Linux gamers can be found within this site here.

The tabble help page, with descriptions of features, can be found here.

If you experience any problems contact me.